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We, at Prestige Construction have a long experience in all facets of residential construction.

We are state licensed and insured with over 15 years of experience.

We work with the same ease, professionalism and diligence whether your project is a 10,000 sq/ft mansion a condo remodeling or a commercial project.

Because we are also designers, we can advise you on important construction decisions that will impact the value of your home.

We can also help with choices like building a more energy efficient home, which design will work better to obtain the most inviting  and comfortable home, what features will make your everyday life in the house more enjoyable.




When you're looking for an experienced, reliable commercial general contractor, Prestige Construction will be there to complete the job, on time and on budget.

We Have a large experience in building commercial properties  like retail developments, multi-family developments, restaurants, townhouses, corporate offices and wharehouses.

We're efficient and share your vision for the perfect commercial construction project. We know how critical finishing the project on time is.




We have a passion for creating stylish spaces that are really stunning no matter what  style you like.

Whether you prefer modern, contemporary, traditional or any other style, we will bring you original and classic ideas that will make your design dream come true.

we provide:

  • layouts

  • material selection

  • fabric selection

  • furniture selection

  • colors selection

  • lighting

  • plumbing fixtures

  • true original ideas